Wheel Aligner Equipments

Facilities & Features:

  • We are the leading suppliers of Wheel Aligner from a well known brand ATS-ELGI, Coimbatore.
  • We are an authorized distributor of Wheel Alignment Machine Providers, Coimbatore defined by quality, assurance with technically sound in providing best service to the customers from several years.
  • We deal with 2D & 3D Sensor Wheel Aligner to procure a rapid functionality with extreme and seamlessly support.
  • We have diligently come up with two successful Wheel Alignment Machines such as Focus 8 Sensor BT2 and Focus 8 Sensor Cable which is highest selling product in today’s market.
  • The entire alignment section is equipped with 8CCD sensors and BT2 technology to communicate over 30m distance for fast and accurate readings.
  • Our Wheel Aligner sustains good mileage, constant, safety, less work on engine, smooth driving, no pull on sides just a straight drive, etc.
  • Our Wheel Aligner proficiently eliminates electronic turning plates as turn-plates with the use of wide angle cameras.
  • We deliberately produced a featherweight sensors motion and handy to use as well.
  • Our Wheel Aligner measurements or rim diameter calculate subsequently for Camber, Caster, Toe, Setback, Thrust Angle and SAI.
  • We facilitates the following for our valuable customers like Service before reminders, finest machinery service, Systemized usage tracking, on call visit, door step delivery option, reasonable discounts and much more.
  • Our Wheel Alignment System maintains the customer, employee as well as vehicle details, wheel spinning accounting, etc.
  • We have been appreciated as Best Wheel Alignment Machineries Providers, Coimbatore in India by our valuable customers on satisfying their need on regular interval.


  • Ultra Light Sensor Heads
  • Fastest Caster swings
  • Front and Rear spoiler program
  • Inbuilt Vehicle database
  • Freeze Alignment
  • Jack and Hold option
  • User Data management system.
  • Maintain Service Histories and Recommendations
  • No extra skills required
  • Training provided for internal staff
  • Maintain alignment history

Types of Wheel aligners

           ATS-ELGI Wheel aligner can be used for tyre shops and service stations. There are two types of Wheel aligner, 2D Wheel aligner and 3D wheel aligner. The advantages of ATS-ELGI Wheel aligner is swing arm mechanism, light weight sensor and long battery life. ATS-ELGI 3D Wheel aligner can be used for vehicles of wheel diameter 12” to 19”. Shoba Electricals provides best prize for the ATS-ELGI Wheel aligner and the installation will be done by ATS-ELGI service team and we provide 24/7 support for breakdown issues.

ATS-ELGI 2D Wheel Aligner

ATS-ELGI- 2D-wheel-aligner

2D Wheel Aligner

           Suitable Rim Diameter : 12" to 19" measurement of cater, camber, sai, Toe, Setback,Thrust angle and axis deviation


  • Swing Arm mechanism
  • Light weight Sensor
  • Long Battery life

Technical Specification

    Model: 2D Wheel Aligner

Maximum weight on turn table 1000 Kg
Power Supply 230 V, 1Ph, 50 Hz

ATS-ELGI 3D Wheel Aligner

ATS-ELGI-3D- wheel aligner

3D Wheel Aligner

            Suitable Rim Diameter : 12" to 19" measurement of cater, camber, sai, Toe, Setback,Thrust angle and axis deviation


Technical Specification

    Model: 3D Wheel Aligner

maximum weight on turn table 1000 Kg
Power Supply 230 V, 1Ph, 50 Hz

ATS-ELGI Truck Wheel Aligner

ATS-ELGI-Truck Wheel-Aligner

Truck Wheel Aligner

           Wheel Rim Dia 12 "-24" Measurements : Toe, Caster, camber, Setback, thrust Angle,SaiPowerSupply 230 V Single Phase


Technical Specification

   Model: Truck Wheel Aligner

Power Supply 230 V Single Phase