ATS-ELGI Washing Lift Equipments


Washing Hoist in Coimbatore


  • Very easy to load and unload

  • very rugged and durable

Technical Specification

Model: Wheels Free Scissors

Lifting Capacity 4 Ton
Electrical power 2 HP,3 HP,1440 rpm
Max. Lifting height 1700 mm
Min. Lifting height 200 mm
Lifting Time 45 Sec

ATS-ELGI-Washing Hoist - Ramp Type


  • Platform (Integral ramp) in place of heavy duty ramps for easy lifting the vehicle with wheels in turn saves time & increase productivity

  • High grade steel plungers with chrome plated for wear resistance

  • Uniquely designed wiper rings to prevent entry of water

  • Technical Specification

    Model: Washing Hoist - Ramp Type

    Lifting Capacity 3.2 Ton
    Operating Pressors 9 to 12 kg/cm2
    Max. Lifting height 500 mm
    Lifting Time 45 Sec

ATS-ELGI Two Wheeler Washing Hoist


  • Lifting and washing of four two wheelers at a time

  • Easy access of all parts of the vehicle

  • Reduce operation time & Improve productivity

  • Enable efficient utilization of water resources

Technical Specification

Model: Two Wheeler Washing Hoist

Lifting capacity 1000 Kgs
Operating Pressure 7 Kgs/cm2
max Lifting Height 1500 mm
Lifting Time 45 Sec