ATS ELGI Tyre Changer Equipments

Facilities & Features:

  • We are the leading suppliers of Tyre Changer from awell known brand ATS-ELGI, Coimbatore.
  • We are an authorized distributor of Tyre Changer Machine Providers, Coimbatore defined by quality, assurancewithtechnically sound in providing best serviceto the customers from several years.
  • We dealwith all heavy and light motor vehicles Tyre Changer Machine for quick and fast tyre changing system by using an adaptor with speedy functionality andseamlessly support.
  • We have now launched with fivesuccessful products in Tyre Changer Machines such as TruckTyre Changer, Tyre Changer Standard, Tyre Changer Run-Flat, Tyre Changer automatic and Jumbo Tyre Changer.
  • These products have achieved a maximum reach in today’s market for HCV/LCV/PCV tyre changing system in few minutes.
  • Our ATS ELGITruckTyre Changer is an efficient electro-hydraulic powered changer with unique features and capabilities to make wheel service for trucks and buses faster, easier and more profitable.
  • Our Tyre Changer Standard is an ideal cost-effective solution for garage and ideally suited for shops working on regular OEM wheels.
  • Our Tyre Changer Automatic tyre changer adopts a fast and trouble – free method to service high performance alloy wheels. This model reduces fatigue and allows operator to work more efficiently. The rim clamping and bead breaking operations assures that the alloy wheels are not damaged.
  • We deliver an optimum application as LCV & HCV tyres up to 26” rim diameter constantly.
  • Our Tyre Changer is benefited with fasteroperation, no fatigue collusion, no scratches towards rim, easy removal of tyre beading, improves productivity, changes both tube type and tube-less type tyres.
  • We have been consistent with Solid removing structure, Supports steel wheels, Alloy wheels, PCV Wheels, LCV Wheels, Motorcycle wheels and much more.
  • Our Tyre Changer Run Flat Model performs Super-duty electric motor and hydraulic drive for superior torque with wheel holding power as such.
  • We have been featured with Self-centering hydraulic clamping chuck, quick positioning, locking mount/demount arm, single piece frame for superior rigidity, etc.
  • Our Tyre Changer supports both tube and tube-less tyresand performs Massive chuck spindle handles the heaviest loads.
  • Wefacilitates the following for our valuable customers like Service before reminders, finestmachinery service, Systemized usagetracking, on call visit,door step delivery option,reasonable discounts and much more.
  • Our Tyre Changer is exclusive for Passenger Vehicle (PCV), Light Commercial Vehicle(LCV) and Heavy commercial Vehicle (HCV) wheels.
  • We have been appreciated as BestTyre Changer Machineries Providers, Coimbatore in India by our valuable customers on satisfying their need on regular interval.


  • Do the task easily and effortlessly
  • Fast and trouble – free method
  • Ideal for run - flat tyres
  • Prevent alloy wheels from damages
  • Most convenient and hassle-free device
  • Saves time, money and energy.
  • Simplified the complicated and hectic task of tyre changing
  • Does the work quickly and efficiently within time
  • Powerful and sustainable mechanism
  • Inbuilt blast inflation facility
  • 21” internal wheel clamping.
  • No clumsy adaptors required for standard wheels.
  • No tabletop adjustments required.
  • Faster operation.
  • Reduces fatigue and improves productivity.
  • Handles both tube type and tube-less type tyres.
  • 23” internal wheel clamping
  • Tilt – back arm provides greater clearance and access

ATS ELGI Tyre Changers

                  ATS-ELGI is the market leader in selling tyre changers for light moving vehicles, and also for heavy vehicles like buses and Lorries. We have many models and also we have semi-automatic and automatic models of ATS-ELGI tyre changers. Two wheeler tyres can also be removed by using ATS-ELGI tyre changer by using an adaptor.

Two more Wheel Service Equipments Available

Wheel Aligner   

Wheel Balancer

  Shoba Electricals is the leading dealer in selling ATS-ELGI tyre changers and we have vast customer network in our area and all over Tamilnadu.

             ATS ELGI Tyre Changers