ATS-ELGI Scissor Lifts

                 There are three types of ATS-ELGI Scissor lift like Low height lift, Car Parking lift, Wheels free scissor lift. ATS-ELGI Scissor lift can be used for tyre service and will be suitable for low ground clearance vehicles. Lifting capacity of ATS-ELGI Scissor lift is 2.5 ton and vehicle can be lifted in 20 seconds of time. Shoba Electricals is the authorized dealer for ELGI compressors and ATS-ELGI Service stations equipment like Scissor lift, two post lift and four post lift. We provide unbeaten price for the equipment and excellent support for the product.



  • Very easy to load and unload

  • Very rugged and durable

Technical Specification

Model:Wheels Free Scissors

Lifting Capacity 3 Ton
Electrical power 2 HP,3 HP,1440 rpm
Max. Lifting height 1700 mm
Min. Lifting height 200 mm
Lifting Time 45 Sec


  • Suitable for all wheeler repairs

  • Very easy to load unload

  • very rugged and durable

Technical Specification

Model:Two-Wheeler Lifts

Lifting capacity 180 Kg
Operating Pressure 6 Kgs/cm2
Raising Height 765 mm
minimum Closed height 250 mm
Lifting Time 12 Sec


  • Slash proof power supply unit

  • Unique synchronization System

  • Equipped with Remote control & each column have LCD Display

  • self Error diagnostic Functions

Technical Specification

Model:Mobile Column Lift

Lifting Capacity 7500 Kgs/column
Electrical power 2.2 KW,415 V,3 Ph
Max. Lifting height 1700 mm
Wheel Size 280 - 580 mm
Lifting Time 120 Sec

ATS-ELGI Workshop Crane


Technical Specification

Model:Workshop Crane

Lifting Capacity 1 Ton
Max. Lifting height 2650 mm
Arm Extension 1600mm at 500 KG

Another Lifting Equipments