Spray Painting equipments in coimbatore

Painting equipments

       ELGi is manufacturing best quality Air Compressors which can be used for painting in constructions, furniture manufacturing and for all types of painting. ELGI Air Compressors of below       range are suitable for painting purpose,

Facilities & Features:-

  • We have been well known for Painting equipments providers, Coimbatore defined by quality and assurance in providing best service to the customers from several years.

  • We are an authorized dealer of ELGI Painting equipments reciprocating with variant products and fulfilling the requirement of the customers on a regular interval.

  • Our Painting equipments have gained maximum customer satisfaction and record huge selling peripherals in todayís market in catering various customers with varied range.

  • We have derived an ELGI Painting equipments product as ELGI VAYU AIR Compressor is been used for Constructions, Industries, Painting Workshops, Furniture manufacturers and much more.

  • Our ELGI VAYU AIR Compressor exclusively designed for Painting Industrial usage with different types of Air Compressor like 1 HP with 25 liters and 45 liters, 1.5 HP with 45 liters and 100 liters, 2 HP with 45 liters, 100 liters and 160 liters tank capacity as well.

  • Shoba Electricals consistently offers ELGI Spray painting compressor at best price, best offers and discounts for equipment with various specifications.

  • Our Painting Industry equipments are basically designed for energy saving, long life result oriented, and instant return on our customer investments.

  • Our ELGI Air Compressors for painting manipulates various currentís phase of electricity and our product supports based on the desired environment and area allocated.

  • Our Painting equipment motor withstands wide voltage variation 180V to 230V, Plug and play system, portable and mounted on wheels for easy maneuvering.

  • We proudly present ELGIís Vayu Air Compressor for Spray Painting Industry equipments up to 2HP motor for low current usage and 160 liters for more capacity.

  • Our Painting Industry equipments enhance the work faster, gives elegant look, glossy touch, spectacular finish, handle easily and a valuable asset for the Painters.

  • Our Painting equipments enhance the work faster, comfortable in holding, handy to operate, much easier with high accuracy and a valuable asset to the Paint workshops.

  • We assist the following for our valuable customers like Service before reminders, finest machinery service, Systemized usage tracking, on call visit, door step delivery option, erection or installation on low cost, reasonable discounts and much more.

  • We have been appreciated as Best Painting equipments Providers, Coimbatore in India by our valuable customers on satisfying their need on regular interval.


  • Easy to handle and operate

  • Shell mould casting

  • Water outflow through delivery pipe

  • Special Steel Forgings

  • Interchangeable standardized parts

  • Featuring throttle

  • Good and valuable asset to the Painting

  • Low Vibration

  • Prevents excessive RPM

  • Excellent finish

  • Maximize productivity

  • Low maintenance and pretend long life

  • Maintain Service Histories and Recommendations

  • Improves customer satisfaction