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  • Our ELGI Dr.Vayu Aluminium Block Piston Compressors are featured in receiving air internally coated with corrosion resistance.
  • Our Aluminium Block Piston Compressors subsequently supports wide range of currentfrom 2HP to 4 HP with tank capacity coverage of 45 liters, 90Liters, 100Liters and 160liters.
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  • Cater many entrepreneurs
  • Derivativeproduct with perfect outcome
  • Compact Features enabled
  • Flexible for any phase of current stability
  • Deliver best Performance
  • Simple to handle
  • Much less effort
  • Very convenient to use and portable
  • Good Investment for beginners to achieve revenue instantly
  • Gives excellent finish
  • Maximize productivity
  • Low Labor costs
  • Dispensing of Grease at optimum pressure
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  • Low maintenance and pretend long life
  • Maintain Service Histories and Recommendations
  • Improves customer satisfaction


  • Air receivers internally coated for corrosion resistance
  • Plug and play system
  • Portable and mounted on wheels for easy maneuvering
  • Oil less air for applications that demand air free of impurities
  • 2 & 4 HP models available with desiccant driers for low pressure dew point applications

  • Technical Specification

    Model:2HP -(45 Litres ,100 Litres, 160 Litres and 90 Litres)

    Model Power Liters Air FAD Pressure rpm no Volt/Ph Noise Level Dimensions Kg Model with Drier
    SA OF 01 080 OF 0.75KW/1HP 45 92lpm/32.5 cfm 50lpm/1.77cfm 8bar/116psi 1450 1 230/1 63 +/-1.5dB(A) 840 x 460 x 720 53 N
    OF 02 080 H 1.5KW/2HP 45 201lpm/7.10 cfm 150pm/5.30cfm 8bar/116psi 1450 2 230/1 75+/-3 900 x 610 x 950 80 Y
    OF 02 080 WOD 1.5KW/2HP 45 201lpm/7.10 cfm 150pm/5.30cfm 8bar/116psi 1450 2 230/1 75+/-3 900 x 610 x 950 65 N
    OF 04 080* 1.5+1.5KW/2+2HP 100 402lpm/14.20cfm 300pm/10.60cfm 8bar/116psi 1450 2+2 230/1 79 +/- 3 1500 x 820 x 930 200 Y
    OF 04 080 WOD* 1.5+1.5KW/2+2HP 100 402lpm/14.20cfm 300pm/10.60cfm 8bar/116psi 1450 2+2 230/1 79 +/- 3 1500 x 820 x 930 170 N