ATS-ELGI New Generation Triple Plunger Washer

ATS-ELGI New Generation Triple Plunger Waher

                 The ATS-ELGI Triple plunger washer can be used for commercial purpose for washing heavy vehicles like lorry, buses and truck. The pressure generated by ATS-ELGI triple plunger washer is 45 bar pressure which is suitable for washing heavy vehicles and commercial vehicles. It consists of single gun and can be connected from overhead tank. ATS-ELGI is having corporate tie-up with Hero and Honda for supplying this pump. Shoba Electricals is well known among Hero dealers for its experience and customer satisfaction. Many of our existing customers will provide reference to their friends and relatives for purchasing this car washer.


  • Direct Driven

  • Positive Suction Pump

  • Trigger Gun to reduce impact pressure at different applications

  • Less maintaince and service requirements

Technical Specification

Model:ATS-ELGI New Generation Triple Plunger Washer

Discharge 17 LPM
Operating Pressurs 45 Bars
Motor power 3 Hp
Pump Speed 1440 rpm