ATS-ELGI Wheel Alignment Four Post Lift (With Jack Beam)

Four Post Lifts in Coimbatore

                 ATS-ELGI four post lift can be used with wheel alignment and it is the most advanced, reliable car hoist in the market. The vehicle can be lifted up-to six feet with incredible speed. The lifting capacity of ATS-ELGI four post lift is up-to 4 ton and it can also be easily adjustable. Shoba Electricals is the authorized dealer for ATS-ELGI four post lift and it can be used for wheel alignment, wheel changing, under chassis works and also for transmission system inspection.

Key Features

  • Extra wide platforms to accommodate all types of cars.

  • Adjustable ratchet rails- ensure that platforms are completely horizontal.

  • Rears slip plates for wheel alignment purpose.

  • Jacking beam (wheels free arrangement) for wheel changing purpose.



Technical Specification

Model: Wheel Alignment Four Post Lift (With Jack beam)

Electrical Power HF 03 040, 3hp 4T EW WITH JB
Type Hydro- Electric
Lifting capacity 4 ton
Motor details 3 hp, 1440rpm, 3 phase, 50Hz 5%
Lifting capacity (Jack beam) 2000
Lifting Time 40 Sec