ATS-ELGI Water Recycling System

                 ATS-ELGI Water recycling system is a compact and easy to operate solution for water wash at service stations. Water wash carries some organic and inorganic impurities with it; ATS-ELGI came out with a solution for treating and recycling the water. The advantages are standard modular construction and fast and easy installation at site. Water treatment plant is mandatory to avoid unwanted loss of water. Shoba Electricals is the authorized dealer for ATS-ELGI Water recycling plant and we can supply along with service support.

ATS-ELGI Water Recycling System in  Coimbatore


  • 80% of waste water can be recycled.
  • Treated water can be used for washing under chassis of cars, gardening, toilet flushing etc.

Technical Specification

Model: Water recycling system

Flow 3000 ltrs/hr
Mono block Pump capacity 1HP (single phase) Advantages