ATS-ELGI Under Chassis Washer Integrated

 ATS-ELGI Under Chassis Water Integrated

                 The main part to be conscious during water wash is under chassis which need to wash with more pressure because most of the sand and other dust get settled in the chassis. Most of the Car washer manufacturers are not able to provide solution for under chassis wash. ATS-ELGI has provided a better solution for under chassis wash.
ATS-ELGI under chassis washer is designed to wash the each nook and corner of the under chassis and it also wash the wheel rim. Shoba Electricals is the authorized dealer for
ATS-ELGI under chassis washer and we provide service support for our esteemed customers.


  • Automatic vehicle length sensing

  • Higher productivity (less than 2 min per car)

  • Lower water consumption (24 liters per car)

Technical Specification

MODEL:Under Chassis Washer - Integrated

Washable Dimensions 4.9,1.9 m
Electricity Supply 415 V,3 Ph,50 Hz
Max. Power Requird 3.5 Kw