ATS-ELGI Test Lane

Test Lanes

                 ATS-ELGI Test Lane is provided with automatic start up monitoring, delayed switch on after enter and switch off after exit, single wheel switching, lockable main switch. It can be used in service stations. Shoba Electricals is the authorized dealer for ATS-ELGI test lane and we provide excellent installation and service support for our customer.

Facilities & Features:

  • We, Shoba Electricals an authorized ATS ELGI dealer in Coimbatore named for Test Lane suppliers serving many entrepreneurs throughout the districts like Erode, Salem, Namakkal, Dharmapuri, Karur and Krishnagiri region with a readily available quantity in all our branches.
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  • We are much grateful in announcing as an authenticated dealer of ATS ELGI in Salem sufficiently providing Test Lane product for vehicle testing such as Roller Break Tester, Side Slip tester and Suspension tester.
  • Our ATS ELGI has designed an excellent quality product for Vehicles display testing as differential display, Analog Display and graphic of PC-Monitor (option) which gives perfection of Test Lane for regular usage.
  • We, Shoba Electricals an authorized ATS ELGI dealer in Krishnagiri is enriched with all advanced technology of testing like delayed switch-on after entry and switch-off after exit.
  • Our Shoba Electricals is engaged in offering ATS ELGI Test Lane with most versatile and much concerned in greeting our customer with twice check before delivery to gain extreme satisfied customers.
  • We are an authorized ATS ELGI dealer in Erode offers innovative ideas like Automatic slip switch-off with pointer, automatic stop and restart with competitive product on all our branches.
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  • We, Shoba Electricals an authorized ATS ELGI dealer in Erode offer wide range of ATS ELGI Vehicle Test Lane consisting of break side slip and suspension tester.
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  • We are named as ATS ELGI dealer in Namakkal for regular supplies of ATS ELGI Test Lane for rolling measurement with Self supporting closed roller set and Welded roller surface.
  • We have been appreciated as Best ATS ELGI Test Lane Providers, ATS ELGI Dealers in Coimbatore by satisfying end users on regular interval.


  • Roller Break Tester
  • Suspension Tester
  • Analog Test Lane
  • Interface connection
  • More stability and durability
  • Enhanced Safety
  • Trouble-free and convenient to use
  • Catered many entrepreneurs
  • Provides quality check before delivery
  • Derivative product with perfect outcome
  • Low maintenance and pretend long life
  • Long life and high quality product
  • Improve productivity


  • Measurement value, different display and graphic of PC-Monitors(option)
  • Automatic start-up monitoring
  • Delayed switch on after enter and switch off after exit
  • Automatic slip switch -off with pointer stop and re-start Automatic
  • Single wheel switching
  • Electronic strain gauge measurement system
  • Self-supporting closed roller set and roller surface welded
  • Lockable main switch
  • Interface connection Rs232

Technical Specification