ATS-ELGI Grease Pumps

Grease Pump

                 ATS-ELGI Grease Pumps are of two types, hand-operated and pneumatic. Hand operated grease pumps ranges from 5 KG, 10 KG, and 20 KG. Pneumatic Grease Pumps ranges from 25 KG, 50 KG and 200 KG. ATS-ELGI Hand-operated Grease Pumps can be used for small applications and workshops. Pneumatic grease pumps can be used for large workshops and service stations. ATS-ELGI grease pumps are dominating in the Indian market and we provide best offers and discounts for grease pumps. Shoba Electricals is one of top selling dealers of ATS-ELGI Grease pumps in India. We have ready stock of all the spares and well trained and experienced service team for support.

Types Of Grease Pumps

  • Grease Pumps 50Kgs STD-Pneumatic

  • Grease Pumps 25Kgs STD-Pneumatic

  • Grease Pumps 50Kgs-Bare

  • Grease Pumps 200Kgs STD-Pneumatic

  • Grease Pumps 200Kgs-Bare (X130019)

  • Grease Pumps 200Kgs-Bare (X130020)

  • Grease Pumps 20Kgs -Hand Operated

  • Grease Pumps 10Kgs-Hand Operated

  • Grease Pumps 5Kgs-Hand Operated



Key Features