ATS - ELGI AC Recovery Fully Automatic

ATS ELGI Super Coolmate is a fully automatic single gas station for recovering, recycling and recharging R134 refrigerant.

ATS-ELGI AC Recovery Fully Automatic Equipments in Coimbatore

Model : Super Coolmate

                  ATS-ELGI AC recovery fully automatic equipment is a single gas station which can be used to recycling, recovering and recharging R134 refrigerant. Fully automatic AC recovery machine includes many features like on-board vehicle database, graphic display, USB port for software updates and it can be used for medium and large service stations for servicing AC of vehicles. Shoba Electricals is well experienced in installing and servicing fully automatic AC recovery equipment for our esteemed customers.

Key Features

  • On board vehicle database.

  • Electronic weighing scale for used/new oil.

  • Graphic display.

  • Integrated software for automatic flushing program.

  • USB port for software updates.

  • Simplified refrigerant management system.

  • Password protection.



Technical Specification

Model:AC Recovery Fully-Automatic

Refrigerant type R134a
Service procedure Fully automatic or manual operation
Scale resolution 10g
Vacuum pump 92 l/min
Recovery speed 300 g/min
Refrigerant bottle capacity 12 kg
Power supply 220 V 50 Hz